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Three film grads (, , ) analyze the Hades out of Xena: Warrior Princess.

The power, the passion, the podcast!


Feb 19, 2018

Watch out, because this week on XENA: WARRIOR PODCAST we are armed and dangerous! Vera, Katie, and Livy have found 4x16 “The Way,” the final episode of the India arc, and it is SOMETHING ELSE. We discuss the backlash that led to this ep’s temporary removal from syndication, and the cultural identity issues and prejudices on both sides of the debate. Something tells us we’re gonna need a bigger Problematic Jar for this one... But despite its missteps, we agree that “The Way” is a bold, transporting, ultra-ambitious exploration of Hinduism and spiritual truth-seeking in general, as Xena and Gabrielle look for guidance in how to live correctly in a violent world. We discuss the Hindu epics that inspired the plot, David Blaine??, King Solomon, Gabrielle’s open heart, Hanuman’s secret identity, the many kinds of religious pluralism, Heidi Klum??, and too many arms!

The power, the passion, the podcast!





Vera: (@hollywoodgrrl)

Katie: (@katetocci)

Livy: (@PonderousLivy)