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Three film grads (, , ) analyze the Hades out of Xena: Warrior Princess.

The power, the passion, the podcast!


Mar 18, 2019

This week on XENA: WARRIOR PODCAST, the hunt is on! Vera, Katie, and Livy are stalking 6x11 “Dangerous Prey,” Renée O’Connor’s second outing as a director. We discuss the strategies Renée used to beef up this episode’s weak script, the terribly-named Prince Chesnick Bloodicarr Morloch who was just the worst on screen and off, and the many better versions of this premise they could have gone with including: Eve putting Varia on a leash, Gabs graduating from student to teacher, and Michelle Yeoh and/or Claudia Black doing the whole ‘I hunt humans’ thing. Plus: Gabs is bad at babysitting Amazons, Renée loves Lucy’s muscular thighs, our French bulldog Phil really hates Morloch, Chad Magathon Bumblebum, what Renée learned from Michael Hurst, and Coffee Talk #5!

The power, the passion, the podcast!

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