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Three film grads (, , ) analyze the Hades out of Xena: Warrior Princess.

The power, the passion, the podcast!


Jul 15, 2020

This week on XENA: WARRIOR PODCAST, Volcano Maaaaaan! Vera, Katie, and Livy are watching an episode of *record scratch* Hercules?! It’s Minisode 21: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Mount Doom, in which we discuss 5x12 “Sky High” with special guest star Ephiny! We celebrate our favorite centaur-loving lady, her magnificent hair, and her new reed-dart throwing powers. Then Vera has an announcement to make: she has finally watched an Indiana Jones movie that isn’t Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! We discuss the ups and very racist downs of this early blockbuster franchise: the lewks, the stunts, the vaporized baddies. Then the moment of truth: now that Vera has seen all the Indy movies, which is her favorite? Spoiler alert: It’s still Crystal Skull!

The power, the passion, the podcast!





Vera: (@hollywoodgrrl)

Katie: (@katetocci)

Livy: (@PonderousLivy)