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Three film grads (, , ) analyze the Hades out of Xena: Warrior Princess.

The power, the passion, the podcast!


Jul 3, 2017

Girls just wanna have mail on this week’s XENA: WARRIOR PODCAST! Vera, Katie, and Livy dip into our Hermes (Hermès?) mailbag (it’s fancy! AND delivered real fast!) to answer your Qs! Topics include: how we would reboot XWP (and, more importantly, would there be bangs??), femslash’s place in fandom, Xena's and Gabrielle's definitive Hogwarts House, our thoughts on Wonder Woman, podcasting influences and recommendations, and so much more! Plus, Xena: Warrior Podcast’s origin story! How did the three hosts meet? The answer may surprise you!   

The power, the passion, the podcast!


Twitter: @xenawarriorpod




Vera: (@hollywoodgrrl)

Katie: (@katetocci)

Livy: (@PonderousLivy)